Enjoy Growing Bonsai


Why You Might Enjoy Growing Bonsai


You know zero about bonsai but why not give it a try, anyway? You never know, you just might enjoy growing more than you enjoy slogging away at games in your Wii. Even though the art of creating miniature trees has been practiced in Asia for thousands of years, many people today are still interested in trying it for themselves. In particular, you will find that the Japanese form, bonsai, is becoming a symbol of beauty, culture, and harmony throughout the world. If you are looking for a new hobby or simply want to improve the decor of your home or office, bonsai may be just what you need to get you started.





An Inexpensive and Safe Hobby.


The species of trees used in bonsai normally grow several feet tall, and take up an enormous amount of room. Fortunately, you will need no more than a handful of tools and plant training aides to create all kinds of beautiful miniature tree sculptures. In most cases, you can purchase a set of quality tools that will last for decades. These are affordable and can be found in most hardware stores.


The great thing about growing bonsai is that unlike model building, and many other hobbies, working with Bonsai will not expose you or your family to toxic chemicals. If you refrain from using commercial fertilizers, you will be able to enjoy your free time without worrying about long term health consequences. Without a question, if you have pets or young children, you will also have peace of mind knowing that there are no dangerous chemicals or other toxins laying around the house.


Add a Touch of Class to Your Home or Office.bonsai tree


Even though it may take several years for a bonsai tree to mature, it will still make an attractive centerpiece for your home or office. Yes, a growing bonsai is pretty even though it hasn’t reached full growth yet. Visitors and family members will be fascinated by the element of class and style that these miniature trees bring to any area. You may even find that you will enjoy sharing tips and tricks related to the proper care of these living sculptures. Best of all, bonsai trees are survivors. They can live for hundreds of years. Therefore, the product of your efforts will give others joy long after you are gone. You’ll never think of growing bonsai as one way of leaving your legacy but believe you me, it can be done. As a matter of fact, it has been done and many times over to boot!


Reduce Stress with Bonsai.

 bonsai tree

After a long day of battling traffic, bill collectors, job stresses, and family issues, there is nothing like spending time in the presence of plants and trees. Unfortunately, if you live in a city or cannot go outdoors often, your will have to rely on potted plants. That’s not such a bad thing, really, considering plants don’t talk back or ask for shopping money. Most importantly, as you spend more and more time growing bonsai, you will always be reminded of the majestic trees and the powerful beauty of their natural form.


Today, people all over the world are learning that bonsai is a fun, relaxing hobby. Why not become one of them? Once you get started with growing bonsai, you will come to enjoy the many hours that you will spend transforming tiny tree seedlings into enduring symbols of culture and refinement. It is an art of patience and caring that can spread over many years of joy and happiness, it is the art of longevity, it is a philosophy of life.