How to Choose a Bonsai Pot


how to choose a bonsai pot

how to choose a bonsai pot


Do you know why it’s important to understand how to choose a bonsai pot? A bonsai tree is not a one-man army. It takes more than seeds to make a bonsai. If you’re going to cultivate your own bonsai, you will also need to give some thought to the trays and containers that your trees will grow in. Among other things, you will want to choose the right pot for your bonsai tree, to choose designs that will complement the overall shape and meaning of the tree itself. And in keeping with bonsai tradition, the containers for each tree will also need to be in harmony with the garden theme.


Tree Growth Characteristics


Even though you will be able to control many growth features of bonsai trees, some modifications will be more attractive than others. As an example, the pruning and shaping that creates an attractive conifer specimen may not look as appealing on a flowering tree. In a similar way, the pots and trays that you use for each tree and its conformation will also create an enormous visual impact. So really, there’s no escaping the fact you need to know how to choose a bonsai pot.


But what if you don’t know how to choose a bonsai pot? Here’s a quick tip. Consider the following in your container selection process:


  • the final shape the tree will take, including its height, angle of the main trunk, and shape of the branches;

  • colors that you expect the leaves, wood, and flowers to exhibit;

  • root growth habits of the tree species;

  • any stones or ornaments that may be included in the tray. This includes their placement, as well as color, shape, and size.


Theme of Individual Trees


A single bonsai tree can represent many different things. The wildness of the ocean, the strength and ferocity of a dragon, the intelligence of a slippery eel, the story behind a grain of rice – you name it, a bonsai tree can stand for it. And considering that the bonsai overflows with symbolism, it is therefore no surprise that figuring how to choose a bonsai pot is crucial in ensuring that others will recognize the meaning you are trying to convey. Depending on the society that you live in, various shapes and forms may transmit your meaning better than others. And no, painting your pot hot pink doesn’t mean “heiress” or “Paris Hilton”.


The Story in a Bonsai Garden


A bonsai garden is meant to indicate a meaningful relationship between each of the trees. In other words, a garden takes the story of each tree and weaves it into one big tale. For this reason, if you want to create a garden that represents mythical creatures, do not go looking for pots with patriotic themes —- and a pot in the shape of a flag or unabashedly painted with stars and stripes is to your country what burger is to fast food. Help your garden tell the tale it was meant to by choosing your pots with care. Simply choosing the same color and design for each pot is not likely to be of much help in telling a story that is rich and deep in symbolic context. Put a little more effort into writing the story of your garden; learn how to choose a bonsai pot.


Like it or not, the pot you choose matters as much as the tree you pick. Regardless of the size and shape of the bonsai trees you will be cultivating, it is very important to choose the right pot. Aside from aesthetic considerations, you will also need to make sure that the plant will be able to grow comfortably. Some shapes work better than others, you will learn as you go along. However, this lesson is best learned at the start before a bonsai dies on you.

For example the choice of the color is crucial  too. The color of the pot may affect the health of your bonsai tree. In the wild the roots are protected by the surrounded soil while in a pot they are more vulnerable. If you choose a black or a dark container the temperature may raise to a undesirable level and your bonsai will suffer unnecessarily. On the other hand a white pot may have the opposing effect.